Our Process For Successful Business Successions

At TREP Advisors, we know you want to be an owner who understands the future options for your business.  In order to do that, you need a succession plan that fulfills your desires and addresses all the issues of estate planning and taxes.  The problem is, you are so busy with running the company that it makes you feel confused about addressing the issues of a succession plan.

We believe every owner is truly unique and that your succession plan is the single most important business decision you will make to achieve the freedom you deserve.  We understand the struggles and opportunities you face every day because we have walked in your shoes, which is why we have been able to help owners like yourself sustain control over their business while liquidating equity in their business for financial security.

Map graphic representing the journey of selling your business and navigating the succession process

Here is how we do it

Step One

We clearly identify your desires and needs for the future.

Step Two

Analyze the value of your business and develop a plan.

Step Three

Match your desired value of your company to a financial partner.

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Discover what your company is worth and when the right time might be to act.  Stop feeling confused about the future and instead find the freedom of Time, Relationships, Economics and Purpose.