Understand the Value and Future of Your Business

Success is often defined as the place in the road where opportunity and preparation intersect. Are you prepared?

Planning the Future of Your Business Can Be Overwhelming

Two businessmen discussing how overwhelming it can be to sell your business

Planning the Future of Your Business Can Be Overwhelming

  • What’s my business actually worth?
  • Do I want to sell my company?
  • How do I find a financial partner for my business?
  • When is the right time?
  • How do I grow my business with the intention of selling?
  • How do I protect my brand and employees?
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Our Proven Process to Successful
Business Transactions

Vision, Value & Strategy

The process must start with an accurate picture of its worth. That's where the VVS report brings you value. The report determines the market value of your business taking into account the owner's needs and shows you a 10 and 20 year projection of holding versus selling the business.

Two businessmen have a meeting to develop a plan to help a business owner sell their business

Go To Market

The second phase of the process only begins when the vision, value and strategy is congruent with the owner's timing. Then our team canvases all of the potential partners to fulfill the strategy we've agreed and identified on.

Two businessmen shaking hands after discussing a business succession strategy


You've agreed on a valued partner that meets your identified strategies from the VVS report. The TREP team will lead you through the due diligence process needed to complete the transaction. This includes the coordination of the CPA, legal team and the business owner.

Get Started with TREP Advisors

Person looking at their phone to try and schedule a free business succession consultation with TREP Advisors

1. Schedule an Initial Conversation

Gain the knowledge and understanding of how to make a decision about the future of your business. We will help you understand the process and when is the right time to sell your business.

Two businessmen discussing how to value your business when you are thinking about selling

2. Determine Your Company's Worth

Most business owners are not aware of the true value of what they have created. The TREP custom Vision, Value and Strategy report will help you understand your company’s value by taking into account your personal goals and your desires for the company, brand and employees.

Meeting of business men and women representing matching a business owner with potential buyers

3. Develop the Plan and Execute

The TREP Advisors team will use the years of experience and knowledge to create a unique plan for your specific situation. Then, once the plan is agreed on, they will execute from beginning to end ensuring you find a good deal and a great fit.

We've helped entrepreneurs like you achieve freedom.

You start a company for time, relationship, economics and purpose. You exit for those same freedoms.


We began working with Jeff Piersall to help us sell our $25M annual revenue retail family-owned business based on a referral from one of our

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