Why the man in a suit is posing for a photo.

Ryan Litherland

Director, M&A Services

Ryan is a merger and acquisitions professional who strives to provide his clients with personal service, well-rounded business acumen, and outside-the-box solutions to individual company situations and transactions.  He has a strong focus on strategic analysis and business alignment in preparation for a sale or equity transaction.  Ryan enjoys the challenges that come from consulting across multiple industry verticals, with a diverse set of business owners and clients.  Ryan earned his undergraduate finance degree from Purdue University, and his law (J.D.) and MBA degrees from Indiana University.  

Ryan brings a diverse set of professional experiences to the TREP team, with a career history that includes working for tech start-ups, a civil court judge, a family office that both acquires and operates various companies in a range of industries, a boutique investment/merchant bank, and as a M&A advisor helping companies with strategic planning as well as ownership transactions.  

In fact, Jeff was originally a client of Ryan’s when they were first introduced.  Since then, their relationship has evolved with a “meeting of the minds,” from client/advisor to colleagues as they work to make TREP Advisors a client-focused, industry-leading firm.  

Ryan is native to Indiana, with ties throughout the Midwest.  He currently resides in Colorado most of the year where he enjoys all that the outdoors has to offer and the ease of travel that Denver’s central location allows.