Customer Testimonials and Business Case Studies

Customer Testimonials

Read actual experiences of our clients. Due to confidentiality of every transaction, names of individuals and companies must be withheld. References available upon request.


We began working with Jeff Piersall to help us sell our $25M annual revenue retail family-owned business based on a referral from one of our customers who sold his business through Jeff.  The deal was somewhat complicated due to there being four stakeholders in the selling group… so there were …

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My experience with Jeff representing our business during the sale process was priceless.  Typically, with hindsight there are things you would alter.  However, because of Jeff’s experience he was able to guide us through the challenges and align us with a buyer that saw the value of our business.  He …

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Working with Jeff started off a little rocky – I wasn’t sure about him and really didn’t want to talk to him but his persistence got a 5 minute sit down with me.  I knew after listening to him for 5 minutes that I needed to know more about him …

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Case Studies

Below are case studies from actual businesses. Due to confidentiality of every transaction, names of individuals and companies must be withheld.

Insurance Adjustment Company

This company had multiple contracts with insurance providers for property coverage.   There were several complexities due to the industry and the specific requirements of the carriers.  We were able to achieve over 30 interested parties finally selecting an industry strategic partner that can provide leverage in the call and processing …

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Mechanical Contracting Company

This company was experiencing double digit growth year over year for the past five years.  Ownership was a husband and wife.  She wanted to remove stress from him to avoid a medical event one day and he wanted to remove the responsibilities that he did not enjoy in running the …

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Retail Sales & Service Business

This company was positively impacted by the COVID crisis yet none of the interested parties would pay for the additional value.  We created an offer that involved being compensated for the average value over the past five years, with an upside earn out if the current levels of sales continued.  …

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Investor of HVAC Company

Investor had bought a residential and light commercial HVAC company at the beginning of Covid in March 2020 as an investment.  He had grown the company substantially over the past 14 months and due to market timing saw an opportunity to provide the company better security for the future by …

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High-End Specialty Manufacturer

The two owners were in a disagreement about the future of the business.  We stepped in as the temporary CEO correcting a backlog of sales by reconnecting to the customers and stimulating orders.  We had to reduce staff which had never been adjusted with the past three years of downturn …

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Mid-market Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC Company

This company provides service contracts to homeowners and small commercial facilities, mixed with contract project work and single digit % new construction.  Two owners wanted to develop a regional company that was going to grow with or without a financial partner.  They both wanted to continue to work and grow …

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