My experience with Jeff representing our business during the sale process was priceless.  Typically, with hindsight there are things you would alter.  However, because of Jeff’s experience he was able to guide us through the challenges and align us with a buyer that saw the value of our business.  He is also well connected with […]


I wasn’t sure I wanted to pursue my options, but Jeff’s persistence earned him a sit down with me.  I knew after listening to him for five minutes that I needed to know more about him and I’m glad I listened to my gut.  I read his book which I highly recommend and knew that […]


We began working with Jeff Piersall to help us sell our $25M annual revenue retail family-owned business based on a referral from one of our customers who sold his business through Jeff.  The deal was somewhat complicated due to there being four stakeholders in the selling group… so there were differing personalities and needs required […]