The Case for Curiosity: Maybe Not for Cats, But Definitely for People

Someone once called curiosity “the spark behind the spark of every great idea.” Though it is said to have killed the cat, curiosity’s effects on humans and human achievement are altogether different. It inspires, informs and is ultimately the one thing that brings transformation — if we embrace it. Unfortunately, often the amazing is camouflaged […]

Knowledge vs. Wisdom

“All the riches of the world are yours if only you seek wisdom.” Education can be divided into two facets of learning: one is knowledge, and the other is wisdom.  Knowledge comes from the books, lectures, etc. we have in class. Wisdom is this knowledge put to practice through our life experiences teaching us universal truths.  […]

Keeping it Competitive: 4 Benefits of Competition & 1 Major Threat

Everyone likes to win. However, one thing all winners understand is that by competing against those who are better than you, your game improves. It is universally acknowledged — from the classroom, to the playing field, to the marketplace — that healthy competition tends to make things better for everyone. How Does Competition Make Us Better? Competition spurs […]

Critical Decision-Making

With greater authority comes great responsibility; the two go hand in hand. Eventually you are working on two things – putting out fires and vision. If you are not careful to protect your time to allow for creativity, the fires quickly overtake vision. In a growing business, your job comes down to a plethora of daily […]

Stay On Target: A Mindset of Clarity

Two businessmen holding phones trying to communicate

He had already won a gold medal and was on the threshold of a historic second gold in the shooting competition at the 2004 Olympic Games in Beijing. Then, the unimaginable happened. American Matthew Emmons, with only his final shot remaining to capture the gold medal, took aim and shot the wrong target. He dropped […]

What Entrepreneurs Can Teach Us

“You can have, do, or be anything you want,” states Dr. Joe Vitale, metaphysician marketing specialist, and author of The Secret.  If you know the force that causes all things to happen and how to harness the power for its proper use, you can have the life you desire. We live in the greatest country in […]

Three Fundamentals to Increase Business Worth

What can you do now to improve your company’s value? There are three fundamental areas within your control that will increase what your business is worth today and will determine its ultimate worth should you decide to sell. Adjusted EBITDA EBITDA is defined as a company’s “earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization” and is […]

Identifying Your Unique Ability

In the initial stages of building a company toward a self-management model, the entrepreneur is involved in everything. When the company reaches a point where employees are operating freely and upholding more responsibility, the entrepreneur can shift focus from business development toward his or her area of mastery. Entrepreneurs are most productive when working with […]

Validating Desire

A desire to learn, to try, to adventure, to build. Deep inside us all is a desire to determine our purpose and leave our mark on this world. Harvey Mackay said, “Find something you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” We should pursue a vocation that fulfills our desires. […]

Building a Self-Managed Company

Are you taking 150 free days a year? If the answer is “no,” you need to build a self-managed company. In the early stages of a business, the entrepreneur is involved in everything – there are no free days. Eventually, after those never-ending hours, the company exits the startup stage and sustains growth up to […]