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“You can have, do, or be anything you want,” states Dr. Joe Vitale, metaphysician marketing specialist, and author of The Secret

If you know the force that causes all things to happen and how to harness the power for its proper use, you can have the life you desire. We live in the greatest country in the world with more opportunities every day than you can find in a lifetime in most countries of the world; yet 67% of our citizens are unhappy.  


Because they spend their life thinking about the things they don’t want, instead of thinking about the things they do desire. Such as,

“I don’t want to be at war.” “I don’t like my boss.” “I don’t like this situation.” “Don’t speak to me that way.”  “I can’t handle the pressure.” All full of negative contractions. Therefore, they get what they think and talk about – misery, stress, displeasure and discouragement. As John Assaraf, international bestselling author and business advisor committed to helping entrepreneurs create greater wealth stated, “Here’s the problem. Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, wondering why it shows up over and over again.”

Sir Isaac Newton discovered the Law of Gravity. The Law of Gravity can be seen by an object of weight (mass) that is released from a spot in the atmosphere (like a penny being dropped from a tall building) and returning to earth; because there is a tangible aspect to this law, we believe it and do not question its validity.

However, another potentially more significant universal law is the Law of Attraction. What you think, you will attract. Most of us do not want to hear about this law because it begins with an understanding that everything in your life has been attracted through your thoughts. There are many debates, spiritual and physical, regarding the full relativity of this law, and the purpose of this article is not to debate those positions, but to understand how an entrepreneur uses this principle to their advantage. 

Entrepreneurs, either consciously or unconsciously, understand the Law of Attraction.  

To understand and relate to how an entrepreneur applies the Law of Attraction, just examine the statement commonly made about them: “They eat, drink, and sleep their business; no wonder they are successful.” Entrepreneurs do not think about what they don’t want – they are always thinking about what they want and then going after it.  

What can we learn from an entrepreneur? An entrepreneur does exactly what the Law of Attraction says to do in order to obtain what you desire.

First, you must know what it is you desire and ASK for it to be a reality. 

Many times you hear this as writing a goal, that dirty word. Getting caught up in the semantics will only cause you to remain where you are. Call it a desired outcome, then write it down and read it everyday. I was recently in a board meeting for a start-up and the meeting started by clearly identifying what we wanted this to look like when we were done; in other words “what does the end game look like?” Develop the picture in your mind, put it to paper, and keep asking for it to become a reality.

Second, you must BELIEVE beyond all doubts that what you are asking for will become a reality. 

Your belief level will cause the correct action to occur. There are critics who prove the Law of Attraction does not work by asking and saying they believe, but never get off the couch. If you believe with your heart, mind and soul, you will do the work necessary to accomplish the stated goal. Years ago, I had the opportunity to coach a baseball team that nobody, except the players, believed could win. Every day, I reminded them of one thing – believe. Against all odds, when the game situations said it would be easier to quit and it would be acceptable, they refused and won the championship. They learned a valuable lesson that summer. The will of a person is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and when that willpower is unified through a group of people toward the same goal, it becomes undeniable.  

Third, you must be prepared to RECEIVE what you have asked for. 

I have witnessed countless people who ask and believe but then quit right before the achievement of the goal. I refer to this as the “empty dock syndrome.” Your ship has come into the dock, but you are no longer there to get on board. Many of us lack sticktoitiveness, the ability to stick to the task long enough to see it to conclusion. As Coach Jim Valvano said, “Don’t give up; don’t EVER give up.”

Don’t be the gerbil running on the wheel in his cage, continuing to run really hard with such little purpose, never getting anywhere. Eliminate the negative contractions from your thoughts and verbal processes. Know what you want, believe in it like your life, or your family’s life, depends on it, work long enough and hard enough to receive it, and be there when it comes.

Bob Proctor, philosopher, author and personal coach stated:  “Why do you think that 1% of the population earns 96% of all the money?’’ They understand . . . The Law of Attraction.


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