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"This process gave my business a future it could afford"

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Think succession planning is only for family businesses or for business owners who are close to considering retirement? Not so fast.


  • A prudent, strategic tool used by savvy business owners to power their businesses forward
  • Doesn’t require the owner to exit the business
  • Enables business owner more freedom to pursue their ideal situation

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About TREP Advisors

Entrepreneurship is synonymous with freedom. We are told “know the end before you begin.” In other words, as you start the business, develop your plan for the future of the business before you are out of time to run it anymore. However, reality is this rarely happens because we are so focus on the dream and all the items it takes to get started. Almost every entrepreneur starts their business for one or more of the Four Pillars of Freedom: Time, Relationships, Economics, or Purpose.





Creating an informative eBook on succession planning for SMBs.

Give your business a future it can afford.

Learn how to use succession planning as a strategic tool to power your business forward.